The What, Why, and How of Vitamin D

Vitamin D It’s the end of November, and many parts of the country are under snow. If you work a typical 9-5, you might not see the sun at all Monday through Friday. Maybe you’ve heard that Canadians should be taking vitamin D daily from October to March, but you’re not sure why. Stick with […]

Summer Soup Round-Up

8 recipes to keep you soup-er all summer long I’ve always loved soup. Chicken soup. Beef stew. Borscht. Minestrone. Gazpacho. Cream of mushroom. Tomato. Butternut Squash. Lobster bisque. Soup is a perfect meal served in the comfort of a bowl. You get everything you need all in one place. Broth is a rich source of […]

No, You Shouldn’t #LieLikeAParent

When you lie to your children about the food they’re eating you are setting them up to have a bad relationship with food. It takes dozens of exposures to a new food to learn to like it. And hiding kale in a muffin does not teach them how it tastes or the texture of it. While, yes, you can technically say they eat kale your child doesn’t know that they are. How will they ever learn to like vegetables if they don’t know they’ve ever eaten one?

Busy Day Beef Stew

Soups and stew just might be my favourite food. They’re warm, in a bowl, they can be flavoured to suit any cuisine, they can suit any dietary need, last but not least, they are deeply nourishing. Gelatin-rich broth soothes the gut lining, the soft cooked vegetables are easily digestible, the tough cuts of meat are cooked until they nearly melt in your mouth. What’s not to love about them?